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 Hi.  I'm Kathy Kalaf.  I am not sure how you found me, but many people reach out to me after they find my non-profit site at Atlantic Journey To Wellness. I am a health coach that is certified as a nutritional advisor and specialize in systemic Candida, the ultimate Candida Cleanse, and a unique Candida Cleanse diet that allows you to eat fruit (very important!) I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a survivor of systemic Candida. 

What is Candida? You can read all about Candida and see my story on my 501(c)(3) nonprofit website and Atlantic Journey To Wellness.  

Or, you can find my e-books on Amazon Kindle. I recently became a bestselling Kindle author.  My e-book, The Yeast Infection That Nearly Killed Me, What Every Woman Should Know, is available at the below link, and is only $2.99.  

Get the Ultimate Candida Cleanse

Ready to get started?  You can get going right now by visiting my website at Candida.com.  (Yes, I own Candida.com!)  You can purchase the Ultimate Candida Cleanse at Candida.com.   

Please visit Candida.com for health coaching services for Candida sufferers, or to purchase the Ultimate Candida Cleanse. 

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Just want to talk?  I have numerous people who call that just want to talk and get an understanding of how to get started when dealing with Candida. 

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Book a one hour session with me to get one on one support in your Candida healing process

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Want some ongoing support?  Save by booking early with a one hour phone  session every week for four weeks.


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